Authentication of Stamps

Authentication of Russian stamps is our main business. We are members of the International Association of Philatelic Experts (AIEP) and American Stamp Dealers Association (ASDA).
We offer our service to make informed decisions about your investments in collectible stamps.
Area of expertise:
Russian Empire 1857-1917
RSFSR 1918 - 1922
USSR 1923-1991
Russian Federation 1992-present
We use state of the art equipment to examine stamps and other philatelic items at high magnification in visible, ultraviolet and infrared light.
Zagorsky, LLC offers several levels of expertizing services of philatelic materials for both collectors and dealers:
1. Evaluation of the actual philatelic material
Certificate of Authenticity – recognized by the International Association of Philatelic Experts  - provided to officially certify genuine items (estimates price will be provided based on scanned images)
Expert Opinion Certificate - provided to document expert’s opinion regarding genuineness or fakeness of the evaluated item ($35.00)
2. Evaluation of philatelic material (based on original digital images or pictures from web sites, for example, eBay)
In many cases we can assist you with identification of different issues of the stamp.
3. We offer appraisal of stamp collections.
Authentication of Stamps Authentication of Stamps Authentication of Stamps Authentication of Stamps
Certificates are issued in Russian with English translation.
Identification of philatelic items in our certificates is based on Zagorsky catalogues of Russian postage stamps. Identification based on other catalogues is available upon request.

Transferring materials under scientific expertise presupposes that a client approves fair use of images from the obtained material by an expert for publications.

We retain copies of all our certificates. You can always request confirmation of the certificate's authenticity for a philatelic item you are purchasing.
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