Zagorsky, LLC specializes in expertizing of collectable 
Russian philatelic materials and in publishing 
catalogues of collectable Russian postage stamps.
Our expertization service protects your philatelic 
investments and our internationally acclaimed catalogues 
of Russian stamps enable you to make informed decisions. 
We are proud to support one of the main goals 
of the American Philatelic Society by assisting stamp collectors 
in acquiring and disposing of philatelic materials.
Valery Zagorsky, the owner of Zagorsky, LLC
is an internationally recognized expert of philatelic materials, author and 
publisher of acclaimed catalogues of Russian postage stamps.
He is the President of the Russian Stamp Dealers’ Association, 
Vice-President of the Russian National Academy of Philately, 
member of the International Association of Philatelic Experts,
former Advisor on postal stamps and philately 
to the Director of the Russian Postal Service,
owner of the Standard-Collection Ltd., and
recipient of awards and medals at several World Philatelic Exhibitions.
Mr. Zagorsky has over 35 years of professional experience in philately.
Zagorsky, LLC is an official international partner 
of The Federal State Unitary Enterprise Publishing and
Trading Centre “Marka".
We are affiliated with the American Stamp Dealers Association.
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