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Catalogue of postcards and envelopes with imprinted stamps of original design. 1992-2017 (see four scans)
Publisher: Standard-Collection, 2017.   The catalogue is in Russian.   Сover: Paperback Pages: 80 Size: 165 х 235 mm Weight: 160 g. Editor: V. Zagorsky Published: Saint Petersburg ..
Postage stamp catalogue. Russian Federation. 1992-2015 (see four scans)
Publisher: Standard-Collection, 2015.   The present catalogue features the philatelic items of the Russian Federation. The catalogue of Russian Federation stamps is published in English with the evaluation in USD.   The present edition of the catalog is characterized by the following features: - definitive stamps are registered in a separate section..
Postmarks of the Russian Empire. Pre-adhesive period. Catalogue (see four scans)
Publisher: Standard-Collection, 2009. Edition 3. 2009. Author M.A.Dobin.   The history of the introduction and usage of postmarks by the postal establishments of Russia, from 1765 to the mid - 1860s is presented. The book consists of two parts: a historical survey and the postmark catalogue of the pre-adhesive period compiled on the basis of materials from different archives an..
From the history of the Saint-Petersburg Post (see four scans)
Publisher: Standard-Collection, 2004. Authors M.A.Dobin and L.G.Ratner. 2004.   The book describes the history of the development of the Saint Petersburg post for the period of 1703-1914. It contains a number of documents of the Postal Administration, photos, images of the postmarks. The book is of interest for collectors, experts, museum and archival workers.   ..
Specialized catalogue of postage stamps. The Russian Empire. 1845-1917 (see four scans)
Publisher: Standard-Collection, 2006 Volume 2. 2006.   The postage stamps of the Russian Empire, their varieties, proofs and specimens are presented in this catalogue. Unapproved drafts (essays) are also included.   Information concerning postal stationery, postal rates and postmarks is provided. An  approximate prices of philatelic material are given.The cata..
The First Russian Postage Stamps (see four scans)
Publisher: Standard-Collection, 2007. The whole history of preparation and issue of the first Russian stamp is described in the book. The drawings, projects, proofs, the prepaid integral things  preceding the issue of the postage stamp are presented. The catalogue of the first issues of the  Russian postage stamps and the images  of postmarks are given. The book is inten..
Catalogue of postage stamps. Russian Empire, RSFSR, USSR. 1857-1991 (see four scans)
Publisher: Standard-Collection, 2013   The catalogue contains the illustrations of all issues of postage stamps.  Detailed information concerning the stamp varieties according to printing methods is given.  Illustrated table of search and varieties of definitive issues are quoted, name register and topical index are given.  Stamp varieties according to pe..
USSR. 1923-1940. Specialized stamp catalogue (see four scans)
Publisher: Standard-Collection, 1999. Volume 5, Part 1.   The postage stamps of the Russian Empire, their varieties, proofs and specimens are presented in this catalogue. Unapproved drafts (essays) are also included. Postage stamps, exchange control issues, postage due stamps of the USSR which were used in the post from 1923 to 1940 are described. Information concerning stamped..
USSR. Drafts of Stamps. 1923-1960 (see four scans)
Publisher: Standard-Collection, 2013.   The art book “USSR Drafts of Postage Stamps” is a result of long work with archive materials and collections. The present art book of stamp drafts – is a good source of information for all those, who collect and study the stamps of the USSR.   The compilation of the present art book implied the use of the special funds of GOZNAK,..
Agitational postcards and envelopes. Catalogue. USSR 1924-1980 (see four scans)
Publisher: Standard-Collection, 2008, Edition 2. 2008.   The catalogue contains advertising and agitational (propaganda) postcards issued in 1924-1949 by the Ministry of Communications, by the “Svyaz” Agency and its branches, by the Central-Asia information Bureau of the Ministry of Communications, and also the illustrated o ne-sided postcards of 1941-1980.   The c..
Catalogue of illustrated stamped covers. 1953-1960. USSR  (see four scans)
Publisher: Standard-Collection, 2011.   The present catalogue represents pictures printed on the stamped covers which were issued by the Ministry of Communications of the USSR during the period from 1953 to 1960. Paper varieties of the covers, the background patterns inside the cover are also shown, the so called “rubashka”. Illustrations of the covers with overprints on the front ..
Letter-sheets of the USSR 1941-1945. Price-guide (see four scans)
Publisher: Standard-Collection, 2008.   The letter-sheet “sekretki”, illustrated post forms and covers of the period 1941-1945 are presented. More than 650 illustrations are given. This is the first publication in which the letter-sheets are given in such a great number. Most materials haven’t been published before.   ISBN: 978-5-902275-37-4 Сover: Paperback ..
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